Diagnose the red flags as early as possible. In older patients, identify the challenging behaviors and conditions.
• Investigate the medical causes that are taking place in each individual;
• Treat the cause(s) of the problems, and avoid continued inflammation;
• Provide the appropriate therapeutic interventions that ingrain new neural pathways that will allow recovery to take place.

Speech apraxia
• Lack of speech is one of the most difficult challenges in ASD. By utilizing evidence based studies, patients are put on various products, such as Folinic acid, Methyl Folate, and methyl B12.
• Often, there is improvement in verbal communication with a relatively short period of time (depending on the child’s age, of course).

• But, it’s not enough to just ‘sing solo’, so calming behaviors with safe and effective supplements, plus appropriate interventions utilizing Applied Behavioral Analysis and Speech & Language intervention, must be utilized in order to achieve the best outcomes.

Restricted interests / Repetitive behaviors
• Such activities as ‘stimming’ are communication, and are often misunderstood as behaviors that require medication, rather than watching as language develops and ‘stims’ subside.
• Interrupting and obsessive thoughts and actions may be functional behaviors and require special attention.

Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder
The most important difference at our Center is that the diagnosis starts with a thorough history and physical examination, followed by appropriate laboratory and other testing. That takes time, not just a knee-jerk prescription for potent medications.
• We utilize a bottom up approach to treatment, starting with supplements and mild medications, up to stronger pharmaceuticals only when absolutely necessary.
• Close follow-up of protocols helps assure the best outcomes.

Sensory disorders
• Rather than being viewed as a separate issue, utilizing safe interventions to diminish a child’s over-reaction to visual, auditory and touch stimuli may play a key role in ameliorating easy distractibility or lack of focus.

Oppositional behaviors
A multitude of causes may be discovered in the child who is more than just stubborn.
By evaluating laboratory tests, and keeping a close eye on how development proceeds under our protocols, safe and effective natural supplements may be quite effective in getting the child to achieve self-control.

Low Dose Naltrexone therapy may be quite helpful in a number of these conditions. Dr. Udell has published about the use of naltrexone in ASD, and has years of experience prescribing and managing patients on this safe, effective treatment.

Gastro-intestinal Issues
• Dr. Udell is well-versed in the most modern techniques for evaluating and treating gut health, including:
• Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
• Eosinophilic esophagitis
• Food sensitivities
• Celiac and other inflammatory bowel disorders
• Feeding difficulties
• Diarrhea and Constipation
• Toilet Training
• Other reasons for abdominal discomfort

Metabolic disorders.
We offer state-of-the-art testing that is available by various laboratories throughout the US.
Accurate diagnoses can lead to appropriate specialized nutritional interventions, including individualized diets.
The functional approach utilizes testing, new developmental milestones and physical parameters to achieve optimal nutritional and energy status.

• Appropriate testing of various body functions may elucidate an actual offending agent, such as heavy metals, that require individual treatment.
• Living in our toxic environment exposes all fetuses, newborns and young children to the risks of neurological-developemntal disturbances.
• Our practices utilizes a specific form of oral glutathione to help the body’s natural system of elimination. Often improvements can be observed within weeks of treatment.

Sleep difficulties
• Understanding the cause(s) is imperative. Children who have become chronically exposed to antibiotics and anti-reflux medications may have abnormal gut flora or suffer from vitamin or other nutritional deficiencies.
Pertinent evaluations for obstructive or central sleep apnea, abnormal electrical brain activity, thyroid and adrenal matters, or even gastro-esophageal reflux (GERD) that can interfere with normal biorhythms.
Such cause(s) notwithstanding, sometimes just getting a child to sleep through the night with mild and effective treatments can help the whole family.
Close follow-up with natural products often produces the best results.

• This newly discovered and mysterious diagnosis can be quite challenging for the family as they observe a sudden change in aggressive or repetitive behaviors.
Dr. Udell stays up-to-date about all of the complicated testing that is required, plus the various medical interventions that really work – not the usual plethora of potent prescription potions that rarely produce results.
Close follow-up, sometimes daily chats, may be required to achieve desired results in this difficult condition.

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