Autism – thorough observation, developmental testing and video logs that document progress. Laboratory evaluation of the child’s health with a complete blood count, thyroid evaluation, liver and kidney function, nutritional status, metal toxicity, food sensitivities, ‘leaky gut’, bacterial and yeast overgrowth. Further testing as needed to determine MTHFR status, mitochondrial efficiency, and genetic variations.

Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder – appropriate laboratory testing to determine nutritional or other metabolic variances. NEBA state-of-the-art brain wave testing when indicated and desired. Assistance with documentation in obtaining necessary Individual Educational Plans for academic success. Close follow-up when supplements or medications are required.

Auto-immune issues can include asthma, allergies, and the newly emerging diagnosis of PANDAS / PANS. These 21st century medical mysteries can be appropriately evaluated using modern testing and safe interventions.
When medications are required, Dr. Udell and the staff respond to phone calls and emails in a timely manner, in order to get your child on the right track.

Gastro-intestinal conditions are often the most perplexing problems for which families seek assistance and understanding. A thorough history, close follow-up and nutritional evaluation – inside and out – help produce the most precise diagnosis. By testing blood, urine, stool, and other body tissues, an accurate metabolic assessment can be elucidated, and effectively treated.

Aggressive behaviors, Anxiety, and Social challenges all require a meticulous understanding of the family, academic situation and the child. Gastrointestinal analysis and nutritional evaluations will usually yield treatable conditions. Rather than a knee-jerk prescription for potent potions with a myriad of side effects, the use of common, mild supplementation can often ameliorate difficult behaviors.

Complicated medical conditions of all types are best handled from a holistic point of view. Cerebral palsy, seizures, endocrine abnormalities, genetic variations, and problems resulting from birth defects and prematurity are part of Dr. Udell’s extensive medical experience.

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