The astute pediatrician or family practitioner who recognizes the softer signs and symptoms causing concern may choose to consult with a developmental specialist who can assist your practice. When there is a higher index of suspicion regarding developmental delay, patients can be offered a smoother course – from a proper medical evaluation to appropriate treatment with follow-up care.

Children who may exhibit signs or symptoms consistent with the Autism Spectrum require additional resources including the time to perform a complete medical workup and counsel the family about such a complicated differential diagnosis. Even many busy Pediatric Neurologists, who are equipped to assist with diagnosis, may lack the necessary time or specific resources to offer treatment.

Then there are multiple treatment decisions. Some may appear to be “quick fixes” or cures with little attention to scientific scrutiny or patient variation. Others may require resources that simply don’t seem to be within reach.

All of our patients are treated with the greatest respect and privacy. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff will guide your patients through every necessary step to a satisfactory resolution of the diagnosis and discussion regarding treatment that will include the knowledge and opinion of the child’s primary doctor.

The clinic will provide all necessary documentation for financial disposition and assistance. Full reports will be shared with the pediatrician for all evaluations and follow-up visits. And, of course, a call, email or a personal visit would be welcomed.


As a parent you know when something is “wrong” with your child but you don’t know what! It may be a lack of speech, a demonstration of a repetitive or aggressive behavior or a concern when developmental milestones are not being reached. You have many questions, but few answers.

Or are you a parent with a diagnosis for your child but you’re not seeing progress and you’re not sure you are doing all you can? The idea of dealing with a developmental delay or an autism spectrum disorder is overwhelming.

We can help prevent that feeling of being in the dark about what services, treatments or therapies are right for your child. We develop the treatment plan that is right for you: emotionally, physically and financially.

Dr. Udell’s initial examination takes you through a complete medical testing of your child. When it is necessary, a developmental evaluation by a certified speech pathologist and occupational or behavioral therapist. Finally, we come together at a meeting with the family to develop a plan designed especially for YOUR child.

All information is shared with your primary care pediatrician.
We help guide you through the process and find your child’s strengths for a productive future.


Here is a letter from the mother of one of our patients:

“When my son was 3½ years old he was diagnosed with Autism. Had it not been for a brave and wonderful pre-school teacher who told me her thoughts, I may have spent several more years ignoring “the signs”. I say “brave” because if you are a teacher, administrator or an aide in a pre-school or nursery school setting, you know it is not easy to approach a parent with this information.”

Most parents react in one of several ways. They go into denial, get angry or the worst-case scenario – they pull the child from the school. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have heard parents remark “they didn’t know how to handle my child”. The reality is that eventually parents come to the conclusion that their child is Autistic, ADD (attention deficit disorder), ADHD, (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) or somewhere on the spectrum (ASD). Thus, the children lose months and even years of valuable time which could be taken up with proven treatments such as speech, occupational and behavioral therapy. Research indicates that a great many symptoms involving these developmental delays can be corrected rather than waiting until the primary school years to begin intervention.

It has been our mission to educate parents on these disorders and to provide this information to teachers and administrators as well. Our practice is called The Child Development Center of America, located in Weston, FL. We believe that educators are in the best position to make an assessment and give preliminary advice to parents of children who may be at risk for developmental delay or other school difficulties.


Now under the auspice of The Medical Academy of Pediatric Needs

How I came to utilize alternative protocols:

When I first began examining children who exhibited signs and symptoms which were compatible with the Autism Spectrum, it was apparent that traditional medicine has not done a proper job in either diagnosis or treatment of modern developmental conditions. This specialty is incorporating scientific approaches to the epidemic and explores protocols which are both safe and effective for affected individuals. Some interventions are more effective than others, some carry more risk. In my capacity as a pediatrician for over thirty-five years, I feel that I have both the knowledge and experience to apply the treatments with the highest chances of success while weighing the risks and costs which must be figured into that equation.

This approach has grown and formalized into the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs.

All of the experts now agree that by combining the traditional methods of behavioral, occupational, physical, and speech therapies with the newest biomedical interventions, we can help our children learn and progress to amazing levels.