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What can be more nerve-racking than suddenly becoming your child’s healthcare advocate with the responsibility of navigating the complicated maze of information, services, and personnel who might help you find a trusted opinion about your son or daughter?

At a recent worldwide autism conference, I was struck by the large number of parents who are still seeking answers for their children, each of whom had special problems and special treatments.

What has become obvious to me is that every child IS special and so individual treatments are the only ones that count at this moment in time, because science doesn’t really know the cause and therefore offer a more stable agenda indicating known therapies. Anecdotal treatments and those with less-than perfect research data are looked at with great skepticism by the medical establishment, yet, what is a concerned parent to do?

Should the family and providers wait for science to produce a cure? Wait until some treatment gets proven or dis-proven by a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study of sufficient proportion?

That’s not an acceptable answer! My medical practice is all about doing the leg work, doing a thorough medical evaluation of your child, and offering as much honest information as is available and making you aware of the most state-of-the-art treatments with which we can monitor your child’s progress.

Each child is an individual who has been affected in some way so that someone has planted a seed of concern in the parents’ minds. Each child must be examined as an individual and evaluated so that the family can seek appropriate treatments.

Most importantly, rather than take a “wait and see” posture, parents should be on “high alert” when their child fails to achieve significant developmental motor and sensory milestones in order that treatment can be offered at the earliest possible time.

What happens at your first visit depends on what has preceded it. In all cases however, there will be a thorough history and physical examination that may take up to 2 hours.

If this is your child’s very first evaluation, the family and I will get to understand your story as I get to observe your child, and we will go through a rigorous examination which may lead to other diagnostic tests that will be required.

In the case where your child has already been diagnosed with a clinical condition or suspected problem, we should spend some time understanding where your child is in that process, so as not to waste time and resources. Of course, a thorough physical examination will be completed. Further testing may sometimes still be recommended.
After that? Well, each child is unique so treatment and follow-up will depend on the findings. Suffice it to say, your family will be treated with respect and we will listen to your concerns. We shall do our best to provide all the services necessary to get you on a road so that you can help your child discover their highest potential. We can offer medical and other treatments that could improve the situation in the home or at school.

Mrs. Vossen is the parent of a neurotypical daughter and a son with ASD. She helps our families by providing instructions for medication, follow-up appointments, educational concerns and by directing many of our patients to appropriate ancillary services. Feel free to call and speak with Karen to discover a practice concerned with exhibiting kindness and friendship within such a complicated condition. One of our parents summed it up best when she wrote: “Thank you so much for your kind acts and thoughtfulness. The dedication you have for your patients is exceptional and greatly appreciated as well.”