Welcome to ChildDev.org

Welcome to ChildDev.org

Use this website to become comfortable with our Center, our Services and our Philosophy about child developmental issues.

The first step in helping your child is recognizing a developmental concern at the earliest possible age. Doctor Udell spent over 25 years as a Board Certified Neonatal/Perinatal Specialist. Family members and friends may give helpful advice. Pediatricians, Family Practitioners, preschool teachers, and other professionals can give assurance. For those who have nagging questions or persistent educational and behavioral concerns, pediatric specialists can be a great source of information and assistance. The next step is to have your child seen by a qualified pediatric specialist who spends the appropriate amount of time examining the child and interviewing the family.

What makes our practice unique:
Dr. Udell, a board certified pediatrician with over 40 years of experience, will personally examine your child at each visit

You will receive call-backs and email responses from our office in a timely manner

Our office keeps you in touch with emails and phone calls and Skype visits

Our understanding and sympathetic staff has been with Dr. Udell for years and have family members who have been helped by biomedical interventions

Because we understand that no two children are the same, our investigation into their difficulties and biomedical treatments are as unique as your child

Dr. Udell strives to stay up-to-date in both conventional pediatric developmental medicine and all of the complementary and alternative medical therapies

Experts agree that the best improvements occur in an environment that combines established behavioral therapies with the appropriate emerging protocols.

At our Center, the child is viewed as a whole unique person, with treatments that are both traditional and yet-to-be-proven. Time is of the essence. Providing therapeutic intervention at the earliest sign of significant delay and in an effective manner is paramount. Small steps may be giant leaps to parents with problems preventing educational progress, causing disruptive behaviors or interfering with everyday activities. Dr. Udell constantly evaluates all pertinent information in order to help our patients navigate the complicated maze that becomes their journey for answers and help.

Our practice focuses on your child’s strengths and discovering their unique abilities. Many developmental problems in children are the result of a medical condition. The first step is to obtain the most precise diagnosis. That is done using the time-tested techniques of detailed history-taking, understanding the family history, reviewing all systems, close observation and a complete physical examination. Concerns about the child should be explored in detail. Appropriate studies should follow, searching for the most likely treatable conditions, in an orderly fashion that minimizes wasted time or resources. Or worse, causing needless pain or potential harm to the patient. The resulting medical information is presented to our patients in a manner that makes sense.

We help our families find answers and provide assistance in getting the right care for your child.